Since its launch and subsequent acquisition by the Google, YouTube has become one of the world’s most popular video sharing site and has also emerged as a second biggest search engine. Today many businesses and individuals realize that by not having a YouTube channel, they are missing out on the potential exposure to millions of people worldwide and possible inquiries and sales that they could generate.

You should not overlook the fact that videos are now part of natural search results offered by Google and by having a YouTube video channel, you can ensure success for your business.

Let’s have a close look at our top tips on Using YouTube Channel for SEO success:

  1. Make quality videos -You need to make quality videos to stand out amongst millions of other videos on YouTube. You should release good videos that are meaningful and should avoid flooding the channel with just short clips that don’t mean anything. You should preferably make general advice and “how to” videos so that your viewers feel that they are learning something from them. Aside from that, videos need to be watchable with decent audio and should be at least 3-4 minutes in length if you are trying to promote some service or product. Any awful video can affect the image of your business, service, and product, so you need to be careful on that count.
  2. Place links to your site or blog -You should place a link in your videos so that people who watch your videos can go to your main website or blog. You can place a link in the video description as this is more convenient for the viewer and can get you tons of traffic.
  3. Request rating – You can request rating at the end of your videos. Once you get ratings, your videos will be found more and can help you get more traffic.
  4. Add tags and descriptions to your video – This will help your videos to be found easily on YouTube, and you will get much more views.
  5. Place YouTube channel on social networking accounts – This will help others in knowing that your video channel exists on YouTube and when you have new videos for them. This is the best way of using YouTube Channel for SEO success.
  6. Interact with comments – You should interact with your comments on the YouTube page. This can get you more comments, and you can also create a following that will come back for discussion.
  7. Subscribe to other YouTube Channels – By subscribing to YouTube channels that are in the same niche as yours, you can increase chances that they might also subscribe back to your channel. Therefore, whenever you release your video, your subscribers will be notified and if they like your video, then all their subscribers and friends could see your video as well.
  8. Research on competitors’ keywords – If you see that your rival YouTube channels are getting more views and traffic, then you should study their tags and keywords. Choose the right keywords to increase the ranking of your videos.
  9. Promote – You should inform people more about your YouTube channel by promoting the logo on emails, website and other types of online marketing that you might do.
  10. Find Friends – YouTube account or channel allows you to make friends just as Twitter allows you to build your fan base that is notified each time you add a new video. Now as friends are public on every channel, you may start picking up extra viewers from the friends of your friends who may see your YouTube channel listed on other people accounts.