Welcome to my professional website. I am a Senior Software Engineer working in the St. Louis area, currently specializing in Groovy and Grails.

If my predictions are correct, you are probably here for one of the following reasons:

  • You have a software programming problem, and you are looking for a solution.
  • You are searching about some technology or technology company, and you stumbled upon this site.
  • You are a job broker or manager who needs a software engineer to fill a position.

So in order to help you make a decision about what your next action will be, I’ve created the following list of recommended actions for you to take within this site to achieve whatever task you may be on:

  1. Check out the links in the “Programming” section of the menu. I have put together some links that may help you out. If you still can’t figure out your problem, you might find something helpful in my technical weblog.
  2. Again, there are links to organizations I’ve worked for in the past in the menu. You may also find it useful to click on the technology links as well.
  3. My resumé is online, or you can contact me for an updated resumé. There are also examples of my webpage work linked in the menu under “Projects”.
  4. You may have heard that our family has website with picture galleries, a weblog, and a chatroom. It’s all true! If you know my wife or me, please contact me so I can give you access to the family website.

So, there are your options. I hope that I’ve helped you out a little bit. If you don’t fit into one of those categories, but you just have to get some more information about something you saw on this website, please contact me.