For all those who are running out of ideas to write new blog posts, there are ample sources available. All you have to do is look around. I have collected 40 ways of finding great blog topics easily and quickly.

1. Maintain an idea log.

Keep a notebook handy with you whether you are at the airport or a party. Use it to jot down any new idea that comes to you.

2. Use books and magazines.

Move away from your computer and pick up some book or magazine. These are a treasure trove of ideas.

3. Watch the news.

Most of us have stopped watching the news much. Try this out, and you will have a mine full of current topics.

4. Turn your blog into a contest.

Organize some contest in your next blog post. You may give out free movie tickets to the person who comments the most; or to the most relevant comments.

5. Get a guest blogger.

Ask a friend or a new blogger to post a blog. Your audience will enjoy the change.

6. Go out and enjoy life.

There is no need to work too hard for getting a blog. Go out for a movie, or to a museum, or hang out with friends. You never know when a new idea will strike you.

7. Comment on other blogs.

Use your blog post to comment on other people’s blogs. Give your own opinion.

8. Visit social networking sites.

Use these sites to know what people are talking about and get ideas.

9. Visit other blogs.

Check out the blogs of others. Good ideas are contagious. You will get enough material to write your blog.

10. Change your category.

In case you had been writing on food all this time, try to write on travel now. Alternatively, politics, or even economy.

11. Visit your previous blogs.

Check out your previous blogs and find out which ones garnered maximum comments. You may add on to these or perhaps add a new perspective now.

12. Share tips.

You can give tips about any topic. These are easy and fast.

13. Read the comments.

Your readers are your best source of ideas. Check out their comments.

14. Set Google alerts and many other such alerts with some keywords to get stories delivered to you each day.

15. Read newspapers and comment on what you feel will be the next development in the major stories.

16. Go through the local papers.

17. Read the business papers and write on the relevant topics.

18. Watch some TV soaps and write on that.

19. Pick out a popular blog post and give a contradictory viewpoint.

20. Watch a play or something similar.

21. Visit an exhibition.

22. Check out the trade fair.

23. Visit a children’s fair.

24. Visit YouTube.

25. Try to be an Agony Aunt.

26. List out your grudges.

27. Talk about problems your readers may be facing.

28. Give solutions to these problems.

29. Invite solutions from other readers.

30. Ask your friend.

31. Talk to your family.

32. Speak to your child’s friends.

33. Ask any question.

34. Write a letter to anybody.

35. Talk about your memories.

36. Write about your dreams.

37. Write about your regrets.

38. Talk about somebody’s life.

39. Take anybody’s interview.

40. Talk about the future.

Use these 40 ways of finding great blog topics, and you will never run out of ideas.